My top tips on The Today Show for a Spring clean of your diet

SPOILER ALERT : it does not involved crash / fad / trendy diets!!!!! Ever. It DOES however involve understanding your food choices better and learning to move through habits which have sat with you a while and don’t serve you or your health.

So, when asked “what do people do when they want to lose weight in the lead up to summer?” I am straight to the point and that is:

  1. Don’t be jumping on the latest fad diet. This will only produce a short term change but potentially have longer term affects on your relationship with food and your body because ultimately with fad diets the weight comes back on anyway.
  2. Rather than a fad diet for weight loss, use this time – spring – to look at and reset habits with your health which will be more sustainable for weight loss and longer lasting – THAT’S the best result.
  3. You can achieve weight loss and keep it off long term by simple changes (not fad/excessive/restrictive ones!) which reinforce better habits in your diet such as :
    • reducing alcohol intake
    • looking at the refined and processed foods in your diet, and swapping those out for incredibly nourishing and delicious whole foods – fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, legumes and wholegrains
    • understanding when you might be using food as a support whether it be emotional or reward based eating – so for example, I’ve worked this hard or I’ve been so healthy, therefore I “deserve” this chocolate bar. So aiming to reframe the mindset you have with food which is often what causes a lot of people to gain weight and then struggle to shift it.

Watch the entire segment with Dr Penny, George, Deb and myself here…