Wholemeal crumpets

Figured out how to make homemade wholemeal crumpets, inspired by a recipe I found on Food52. Only problem now is how to stop thinking about said home made crumpets in order to not turn self in to crumpet. Eeeeeep heeeellllllppppppplp!!!

Truth: They’re time consuming to make, which I learnt the first time and vowed not to make them again/often.

So of course it played out like….Woke up the next day started figuring out a gluten free variation and then 2 days later did a double batch of the original wholemeal variety.

Haven’t yet perfected the gluten free variation for my coaeliac friends but give me some time I’m sure there are many a crumpet adventure to come!!!!

Meantime if you’re keen to give wholemeal a go simply sub out white for wholemeal flour in the original recipe and as noted make a double batch as the single doesn’t last long enough! Also eating fresh isn’t best even though it’s recommended in the original recipe rather, let them cool and toast them or if making them the day before (recommended otherwise if you expect them for breakfast you’ll be eating them as afternoon tea if making on the day) then save them overnight and be ready with butter and honey and whatever else floats your boat the next morning!