Oat & Coconut Cookies

These delicious golden cookies are vegan and can be whipped together in no time. They are a JSHealth app favourite that we are sure you will love. Enjoy!   Oat & Coconut Cookies Makes: 9-10 Ingredients ¼ cup coconut oil, melted ¼ cup maple syrup 1 tsp baking powder 1 cup rolled oats ½ almond meal …

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Bolognese Meal Prep

Grab a jar of this Bolognese Meal Prep on your way out the door! Packed with healthy goodness, this meal prep will hit that comfort food craving without being too heavy! Bolognese Meal Prep Originally, I had wanted to title this post Mushroom Lentil Beef Bolognese Meal Prep buuuuuuut it seemed like a mouthful! But… …

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There’s a lot of emphasis in our culture on romantic love, so many of us think that the right partner will somehow make us ‘whole’, solve our problems and make everything around us make sense.… The post HOW TO FALL IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF appeared first on CarlyRowena.

Instant Pot Hummus

This no-soak Instant Pot Hummus with no tahini is so creamy and silky that you’re never going to want to make hummus any other way! Tahini-Free Instant Pot Hummus I freaking love hummus, like I’ll eat a whole container in one sitting if I could! Hummus is a dip/spread that is made from cooked chickpeas… …

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Ballistic Health Podcast Episode 11 – KetoCon 2019 Presentation by Dr. Anna Cabeca

Today we will have a special treat for you. Today we are sharing the presentation from Dr. Anna Cabeca regarding Keto for Women and Hormonal Balance from Ketocon 2019 If you would like to get this talk and all of the other talks you can do so by purchasing a download ticket at http://www.ketocon.org There’s …

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